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Cheap Flights to Brazil

Cheap Flights to Brazil

Bordering almost every country in South America, Brazil is the largest and most populous country on the continent. It is blessed with more than 8000 km of coastline, the world’s longest river, an abundance of species of animals and plants, tropical islands and a melting pot of culture. The streets in cities such as Sao Paulo (one of the largest cities in the world), as well as its rural and colonial towns are a haven for music lovers and dancers – be prepared to dance the Samba whilst sipping a Caipirinha until the early hours. Whether you are looking to relax on the beach admiring the Brazilians dribble a football, explore the rainforest, explore dramatic landscapes, or party with the locals, Brazil has enough to keep travelers entertained for months. If you only had a short time in the country, here are the top attractions in Brazil:

Rio de Janeiro

When most people think of Brazil, they think of Rio. Whether it is the beautiful vistas of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado and Sugar Loaf Mountain, or the bustling beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, no trip to Brazil would be complete without spending some time in Rio. The city is alive all year round, but it peaks in February with the world famous Carnival, a festival (more like party) of costumes, music and dance that explodes throughout the city day and night for 5 days.


Located in the north west of Brazil lies the vast expanse of the Amazon rainforest. Although the Amazon is not exclusive to Brazil, over 40% lies within the country. Most visitors travel through Manaus, from where they can take a canoe down the river and truly experience the natural world.

Iguaçu (Iguassu) Falls

At the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay lies the most impressive set of waterfalls on earth. The Iguassu falls is over 3km wide, consisting of numerous cascades and rapids, with a flow over water reaching over 450,000 cubic meters per second! Most visitors are overwhelmed by the power of the falls, and its tremendous beauty.  


Somewhat overshadowed by the Amazon, the Pantanal is often viewed as being a more worthwhile trip (despite being quite difficult to reach). There is a huge variety of wildlife and vegetation as a result of it being the largest freshwater wetlands in the world.  


Salvador is the oldest city in Brazil, dating back to the 16th Century. This original colonial town is very well preserved, and is seen as a place to kick back and relax after the hustle and bustle of Rio. This does not mean that Salvador is quiet, on the contrary, the streets are often teamed with revelers enjoying the city’s atmosphere, especially during Salvador’s own carnival.

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