About Travelspec

There are more than 1000 airlines in the world, operating from over 10,000 airports. This variety is great for everyone. However, finding all of these options is not so easy. Airlines are trying to avoid high charges, so they have focussed on selling tickets directly on their own website. This makes it difficult for people to compare airline prices and times side by side. Low cost airlines are often choosing to fly to smaller airports, so there is the added problem of needing to find out which airports you can fly to, and which airlines operate on the route. This is one of the primes reasons why people are visiting 22 websites on average when searching for a flight - and even then they are not certain that they have picked the best option.

Travelspec solves this problem

With a primary focus on flights, Travelspec allows you to enter any departure/destination location, whether it is a small village, lake, city, airport, or major attraction. In just one search we will display all of the different airports and airlines that are available for your journey (along with the distance between the location and the airports) and compare prices from hundreds of travel sites to find the best deal!

Route Finder

For those of you who wish to search and book directly on the airline website, and don't know which airlines that fly to/ from a location, Travelspec's unique Route Finder tool can find every airline operating to/from any location worldwide, and provides a link to the airline website for you to search and book your flight directly with the airline.